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The Batman Fan Page

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The Big Chill and Heat Updates Posted by westy1386
The website is now up to date through The Big Heat.  I should have Q & A info up sometime this week.  I will try my best not to be so far behind again.
The Man Who Would Be Bat Updates Posted by westy1386
Well, I have finally gotten the updates for the Man-Bat episode up.  Maybe later on today I will have The Big Chill info up.  I will try.
Updates Posted by westy1386
I have a couple updates today.  First is that I have added pictures for the Wave 2 toys that are appearing in stores now.  Next is that the schedule has been updated again for the Nov. 20 episode called Q & A.  Who could this villian be?  I have not been able to get the info from last Saturday's episode up yet.  I hope to have all that info up by the end of this week for the latest two episodes.  Until then you can discuss the episodes in the forums.  Here are the links to the talkbacks.  The Man Who Would Be Bat and The Big Chill.  That's all for today.  Expect updates coming all this week.
The Big Chill Posted by westy1386
If you look at the schedule, you will see that The Big Chill is going to air November 6.
Schedule Update Posted by westy1386
It seems the friday episodes have been cancelled.  The Batman will only air on Saturdays from now on.
New Sections, New Episode Posted by westy1386
I have created two new sections.  The first is for the comic The Batman Strikes!  So far only one issue has been released, but tomorrow the second one is released.  I thought the first issue was okay.  It was better than Call of the Cobblepot, which also introduces The Penguin.  The second section is toys.  There have been a whole bunch of them released already.  I have pics for each one in the first wave.  The next wave is going to be released around this time.  Also, if you look at the Upcoming Episodes column, you'll see a new episode.  According to the KidsWB schedule, this is the next one to air.  I'm assuming by the title that it introduces Man-Bat, but we'll wait and see.  So check out the new sections and look for more to come to the website in the future.
The Cat and the Bat Updates Posted by westy1386
I have added the episode summary for the episode as well as character bios. You can talk about the episode in the forums here.  Also, I have added a page thats about Batman's tech.  It seems that new episodes are going to air in November.  That's all.
New Forum Posted by westy1386
I created a forum dedicated to The Batman.  It is small right now, but should grow.  Go there to discuss anything about the show.
Traction Updates Posted by westy1386
I have added the summary for Traction as well as character bios.  I should have The Cat and the Bat info up soon.  It seems that KidsWB is showing reruns already.  They hopefully will begin to show new episodes soon. 
Call of the Cobblepot Updates Posted by westy1386
I have added a summary for Call of the Cobblepot.  Also I have added bios for the Penguin and his ninjas.
Site is opened  Posted by westy1386
I have officially opened the website.  So far I have the characters and episode guide up for the first episode.  I hope to add a whole lot more as the series continues.  I will have the info up for tomorrows episode sometime next week.  Also be sure to check out my other site, the Static Shock Fan Page

Upcoming Episodes
Saturdays @ 9:30 AM Cental

NEW!! The Big Dummy (11/27/04)