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The Big Chill

The Big Chill
Original Airdate: 11/06/04
Written By Greg Weisman
Characters Introduced: None
Villians Introduced: Mr. Freeze
Episode Summary


The episode begins with a cruise boat in the Gotham Harbor. As it is sailing, an iceberg passes it. As the passengers watch, an man in some kind of suit gets on board. He freezes one of the passengers and makes the others give him their diamonds. He then gets off the boat and heads towards Gotham by creating an ice bridge.

At the Wayne mansion, Alfred is telling Bruce he needs to go on vacation and that the ticket is ready. The Bat-Wave activates and a report about the boat is brought up. Bruce gets in the suit and goes to the docks.


At the docks, Detectives Yin and Bennett are investigating. Batman listens in on the investigation and finds the trail the man left. He follows it to a jewelry store. The man is inside and is stealing the diamonds. Batman comes and confronts him. The man tells him he has been looking forward the their reunion. The man freezes the store, which causes Batman to slow because of lack of breathe. Batman is able to fire a Batarang at the man, which destroys his mask. Batman looks at his face and recognizes it. The man's face then freezes up again.


He grabs Batman and freezes Batman's body. The man talks about the last time he and Batman met. He is Victor Fries, a diamond thief. He was being chased by Batman and crashed his car into a lab. In the lab were cryogenics tubes. While trying to escape from Batman, he fell into one of the tubes which closed. The tube then was electrocuted. For awhile he was asleep, but woke up. He made the scientists studying him create a suit for him.


After telling his story, he is about to finish off Batman. Before he can, the two detectives arrive. He shoots ice at them and then escapes. The two detectives walk up to the almost frozen Batman. When Yin is about to take off his mask, Batman uses a device to break out of the ice and escape. When the Batmobile gets back to the Batcave, Batman is unconcious.


Later, Alfred tells him he has a fever. Bruce falls asleep and dreams about when his parents were killed. He imagines their killer as Mr. Freeze. When he wakes, his fever has broken. He goes to the Batcave, and finds Alfred working on a suit. It is designed to protect Batman from Mr. Freeze's ice blasts. On the Batwave, they see a news report talking about Mr. Freezes turning the park into an ice dome. Batman gets the new suit on and heads there.



When he gets to the park, he drives through the police barricades and drives the Batmobile into the ice dome. He finds Mr. Freeze who then talks. Batman and hi then begin to fight. Batman's new suit works well for him. Mr. Freeze tries to take him down with snow, but can't. Batman uses a remote to have the Batmobile drive behind Mr. Freeze. He then ignites the engine which knocks out Mr. Freeze.



In the Batcave, Batman is going to go on vacation. He can't however, because the Batwave sounds. Alfred agrees that Bruce will have to on vacation at another time.