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The Big Heat

The Big Heat
Original Airdate: 11/13/04
Written By Christopher Yost and J.D. Murray
Characters Introduced: Mayor Grange
Villians Introduced: Firefly
Episode Summary


The episode starts with Batman investigating a break in. Alfred tells him he has a meeting with the mayor the next day, but Batman doesn't pay attention ot him. Inside the buildning, he sees a guy in a suit and confronts him. The guy's suit emitts a light and then knocks him and Batman out a window. They land on a building and the guy introduces himself. He says he is Firefly. Batman throws a Batarang which hits Firefly in the arm. The suit then begins to leak, causing Firefly to leave.


The next day, Bruce meets with the mayor. The mayor tells Bruce that the city council was going to vote on who would be in charge of expanding the children's hospital. Bruce automatically thinks it will be Wayne Industries. The mayor says they are leaning to GothCorp. The mayor says they are leary of Bruce's publicimage. Bruce asks if he can make his case in front of the council. The mayor agrees and says at eight in the morning the councilwould be voting.


The rest of the day, Bruce works to get evidence of why GothCorp shouldn't get the council's vote. While he is working, Bat-Wave sounds. There is another break in and Bruce has a feeling that it is Firefly. He says he can't be in two places at once, so Alfred volunteers to find evidence against GothCorp.


At the break in, Batman finds Firefly. Firefly attacks him and Batman follows him through the sky using the Bat-Glider. They fly throughout the city, until the Bat-Glider gets hit. Batman falls into a building. When Batman wakes it is five minutes to eight. He is almost late for the council's vote. Alfred has everything prepared for Bruce and sends the Batmobile to pick him up. When he arrives, it is already past eight. The mayor tells him that GothCorp was voted.


In the Batcave, Bruce is depressed. He thinks that he should hand Bruce Industries to someone else and be Batman full-time. Alfred says that he should still think about it. While watching a news report, Bruce realizes that Firefly's break ins have a motive behind them. He is working for GothCorp to help bring down its opponents. Bruce then has an idea. He goes on television saying Wayne Industires has a new technology that will change the world. He is using this as bait for Firefly.


That night, at Wayne Industuries, Firefly breaks in. He finds Batman waiting for him. Batman has a new jet pack whichallows himto keep up with Firefly. They fly through the city until they land on a building. From there, they begin to have a fist match. Firefly tries to bring down Batman but Batman is too strong. The police find Firefly tied up with a sign saying GothCorp Employee of the Month.

Due to the recent scandal with GothCorp, the council decided to revote and gave it to Wayne Industries.