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Call of the Cobblepot

Call of the Cobblepot
Original Airdate: 9/18/04
Written By Steven Melching
Characters Introduced: None
Villians Introduced: The Penguin, Kabuki Twins
Episode Summary


It starts with a lady talking to her dog about the party she just returned from. When she leaves the room a bird swoops in. When she returns to the room, she finds all of her jewels stolen.

The next scene shows detectives Bennett and Yin investigating the robbery. When they leave the room, Batman comes in and does some investigating of his own. He finds a feather and some claw marks. The detectives come back in and find Batman in the window. They try to catch him but he gets out.


At the Bat Cave, Batman figures out that the feather belongs to a rare species of owl. He realizes that someone trained it to steal jewels. Alfred reminds Bruce that he is hosting a charity fundraiser that night. As the guests arrive, an unexpected arrival shows up. It is Oswald Cobblepot. He walks into the party and introduces himself to Bruce. Oswald walks away and Alfred goes up to Bruce. It seems that Alfred's grandfather was the Cobblepot's butler. They hear a woman yell at Cobblepot. She begins to leave, but Bruce runs after her.


Outside, Bruce talks to the woman. He convinces her to stay at the party. Bruce sees a car in the driveway and walks up ot it. It is Bennett and Yin. They are watching the party becasue of the recent robberies against Gotham's rich. As they are talking, the woman screams. A bird had attacked her. Bruce says that the bird must have thought her ruby earings were berries, but has suspisions of what it really was.


In the party, Alfred is looking at the guest list and tells Cobblepot he wasn't on it. Cobblepot looks at the list and puts it in his pocket. He then leaves in a storm. After the party, Bruce says he is going on patrol. After he leaves, Alfred realizes that his serving tray was missing. He knows that Cobblepot stole it and decides to go get it back.

While on patrol, Bruce runs into many birds holding jewelry. He follows the birds until he finds Cobblepot's women with a trunk full of jewelry. They attack him and escape with the stolen items. At the Cobblepot Manor, Alfred finds his tray. He then spys on Cobblepot. Bruce figures out Cobblepot is behind the robberies and calls Alfred. Alfred's phone rings, drawing Cobblepot's attention.



Cobblepot and his henchwomen take Alfred into a room with a huge tree in it, full of bird cages. They tie him to the floor and plan to have Cobblepot's birds eat him. Just as the birds attack him, Batman comes in and stops them. Batman next takes care of the ninjas by locking them in a huge bird cage.

He begins to fight the Penguin. They start to fight on the tree. Penguin is able to stop Batman for a little while, but eventually Batman succeeds in knocking him down. He frees Alfred and they talk. As they are talking Penguin attacks them from behind, but with Alfred's tray, Penguin is knocked down for good.


The next day, Bruce and Bennett play basketball. Bruce congradulates him on arresting Penguin, Bennett says Batman is to thank for it.