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The Cat and the Bat

The Cat and the Bat
Original Airdate: 10/02/04
Written By Adam Beechen
Characters Introduced: None
Villians Introduced: Catwoman, Hideo Katsu, Dragon's Fangs Ninjas
Episode Summary


The episode starts with a person breaking into a Japanese style building. When she goes in, she runs up to a statue that is guearded by many trip lights. When she picks it up, she activates the alarms, but is able to escape.

At the mansion, the next day, Bruce and Alfred watch a news report. The report is talking about Hideo Katsu, a Japanese man who recently moved to Gotham. Bruce and Alfred talk about how they have been watching him. The report continues by telling about the robbery in Katsu's house last night. It says that a masked catwoman was caught on tape. Detective Yin is interviewed about Catwoman and Batman's connections. She says that it is too early to tell if there are any.


The next scene shows Hideo talking to two men. He says that he wants them to capture Catwoman.

Next, a car stops in front of a hotel. A woman gets out of the car and enters the building. Her name is Selina Kyle. When she gets to her apartment, she is greeted by several cats. She talks about how she almost got the statue. Obviously, she is Catwoman. She reads the newspaper, which talks about a Batman/Catwoman connection. She decides to look for Batman.

In the Batcave, Bruce is working on the Batmobile. Batwave activates because of a disturbance. Batman goes to the scene. When he arrives, he looks for what caused the trouble. He hears Catwoman behind him. They talk a little and then Catwoman begins to run. Batman chases after her. He chases her throughout many buildings. She traps him in a bulding and begins to run. He is able to escape and stops her on building. She looks at his belt and then attacks him. She knocks him down and steals his belt.


At her apartment, Catwoman tries on the belt. She goes into her office and begins to look at the different things in the belt.

The next scene shows Hideo yelling at two of his henchmen. He is mad because they couldn't find the Catwoman. H tells them to call the Dragon's Fangs.

In the Batcave, Bruce tells Alfred how he has to get the belt back before Catwoman uses it. Right after he says that, the Batbot begins to move. It then begins to attack them. Batman tries to fight it, but it is too strong. It then suddenly shuts off. Next, the Batmobile begins to drive out of the Batcave. Batman gets on the Bat Cycle and chases after it. Catwoman is pressing buttons on the belt, which causes the Batmobile to run into buildings and cause chaos in the city.


Batman catches up to it on the freeway. He leaps onto it and holds on while it swerves around. Eventually, he is able to get inside and push the brakes. Catwoman is looking at the belt and is able to turn on the Batarang, which was what she wanted to do in the first place. Batman returns to the Batcave with the Batmobile. He thinks that he can trace Catwoman by using the Batarang she has.


Catwoman is outside of Hideo's mansion. She puts on the utility belt and gets inside. She uses the Batarang to steal the statue from the night before. She tries to get out, but is cornered by Hideo and his men. The Dragon's Fangs ninjas surround her. Hideo wants to know who hired her. She tells him no one did. She drops the statue and tries to run. The ninjas begin to throw ninja stars and other things at her. Batman shows up. Catwoman gives him the belt back.


Hideo asks Batman to stand aside so he can finish off Catwoman, but he says no. Batman and Catwoman begin to fight the ninjas. Catwoman takes back the statue. The two continue to fight the ninjas. Eventually they both help each other get onto the rafters of the roof. Catwoman hits a ninja, which causes the statue to be broken. It seems that inside the statue, there was a disc. Hideo begins to run, but Batman stops him. He hears police sirens and turns towards Catwoman. Only, she isn't there. He finds her in a tree, and gets her to give him hte rest of his belt. She then leaves,


The next day, the news says that the disc contained names of people part of a crime ring. He then interviews Yin about the Catwoman/Batman link. She says that they are connected because they fought crime as a vigilante team. Bruce groans when he hears this, knowing his relations with the police have worsened.