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Major Villians


The Joker
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson
First Appearance: The Bat in the Belfrey
Bio:  He was Batman's first major villian.  His first plan was to spread his special gas all over Gotham to make everyone smile.  After Batman foiled his plan, he was sent to  the Arkham Asylum.


Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin
Voiced By Tom Kenny
First Appearance: Call of the Cobblepot
Bio:  A man whose family used to be billionaires in England.  They lost their fortune when they squandered it.  Oswald came to Gotham to regain the family fortune.  His method of doing this was using his birds to steal from Gothams rich.  His crime spree was put to an end when Batman caught wind of it.



Voiced By: Joaquim de Almeida
First Appearance: Traction
Bio:  Bane is a product of experimentation.  He is able to double his mass by injecting venom into his blood.  He was hired by three crime bosses to take down Batman.  He was able to in theri first encounter.  After taking Batman out of the picture, he commited many crimes.  Batman was able to defeat him by using the Bat-Bot.



Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman
Voiced By: Gina Gershon
First Appearance: The Cat and the Bat
Bio: A thief with a liking for cats.  She once stole Batman's utility belt to help her steal.  He tracked her down and got it back.  In the process, she helped him stop an organized crime ring.



Dr. Kirk Langstrom a.k.a. Man-Bat
Voiced By: Peter MacNicol
First Appearance: The Man Who Would Be Bat
Bio: He worked for Wayne Industries, testing bats.  Supposedly this was to create a cure for deafness, however, in truth it was to create a formula to turn him into a bat.  It seems that he wanted to be just like Batman, only better.  After Batman defeated him, he was sent to Arkham.



Victor Fries a.k.a. Mr. Freeze
Voiced By: Clancy Brown
First Appearance: The Big Chill
Bio: He was a thief that crossed Batman's path.  During the chase, he hid in a lab where he got stuck in a cryogenics chamber.  This made him neither living nor dead.  When he returned, it was as Mr. Freeze.  He wanted revenge not on Batman, but also to turn Gotham into his own ice kingdom.


Voiced By: Jason Marsden
First Appearance: The Big Heat
Bio: This man was hired by GothCorp to take down its competitors.  He would do this by creating a fire which would cause the company to go bankrupt.

Minor Villians


Rupert Thorne
Voiced By: Victor Brandt
First Appearance: The Bat in the Belfry
Bio:  A crook who, along with his gang had a runin with Batman when they were robbing a bank.  At first he thought Batman wanted some of the loot, but soon realized what Batman's intentions were.


Kabuki Twins
Voiced By: None
First Appearance: Call of the Cobblepot
Bio: These women were ninjas that helped Penguin in his robberies.  They however, were not arrested becasue they escaped from Batman.


Crime Bosses
Voiced By: Michael Bell, Joe Lala
First Appearance: Traction
Bio: They were three crime bosses whose operations were stopped by Batman.  In retaliation, they hired Bane to defeat Batman.


Hideo Katsu
Voiced By: Keone Young
First Appearance: The Cat and the Bat
Bio: The leader of a crime ring.  He was originally from Japan, but moved to Gotham to continue his organization.  He was stopped by a team of Batman and Catwoman.


Dragon's Fangs Ninjas
Voiced By: None
First Appearance: The Cat and the Bat
Bio: They were hired by Hideo Katsu to capture Catwoman.