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The Batman Fan Page

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Main Characters



Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman
Voiced By: Rino Romano
First Appearance: The Bat in the Belfry
Bio:  His parents were killed by a thug when he was very young.  Since then, he has become Gotham City's favorite billionaire.  Behind the scenes, he is Batman.  He has had this role of Gotham's vigilante for three years and is still trying to get used to it.


Alfred Pennyworth
Voiced By: Allastair Duncan
First Appearance: The Bat in the Belfrey
Bio: He has been Bruce Wayne's mentor and friend for many years.  He serves as his butler, but also as his advisor on all things Batman.  His grandfather used to be the Cobbleopot's butler.  He also served in the military wher he got a medical backround.


Chief Rojas
Voiced By: Edward James Olmos
First Appearance: The Bat in the Belfry
Bio:  He is the chief of the Gotham City police department.  He believes Batman is a vigilante and should be caught. 


Ethan Bennett
Voiced By: Steve Harris
First Appearance: The Bat in the Belfry
Bio: He is a detective and friends with Bruce Wayne.  He is tasked with arresting Batman, but believes Batman does good for the city. 


Ellen Yin
Voiced By: Ming-Na
First Appearance: The Bat in the Belfry
Bio: A detective who transferred from Metropolis.  She believes, like Chief Rojas, that Batman needs to be arrested for being a vigilante.


Mayor Marion Grange
Voiced By: Adam West
First Appearance: The Big Heat
Bio: He is the mayor of Gotham.  He is a close friend of the Wayne family.  He believes that Bruce is somewhat irresponsible, but is still much like his father.