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The Man Who Would Be Bat

The Man Who Would Be Bat
Original Airdate: 10/30/04
Written By Tom Pugsley and Greg Klein
Characters Introduced: None
Villians Introduced: Man-Bat
Episode Summary


The episode starts with Detectives Yin and Bennett chasing after Batman. Batman has the Batmobile shoot out bright lights, making the detectives lose him. The two get out of their car and see a swarm of bats flying in the air. They assume they belong to Batman. The two follow them to Wayne Industries.

In Wayne Industries, Bruce comes down to the main hall where he finds Yin and Bennett waiting for him. Bennett says that they know he is the Batman, but he is actually joking. Yin says they want to look around the building to investigate where the bats went.


While they are looking around, they go into Dr. Langstrom's lab where they find the bats. Langstrom comes out of a room and Yin questions him. Langstrom doesn't give them any answers and the two detectives leave. After they leave, Bruce tells Langstrom that he is shutting him down because Langstrom won't tell him anything about his research. Langstrom says that his research is for his neice who is deaf. He is trying to use bats to cure deafness. Bruce agrees to keep the research going.


In the mansion, Alfred asks if it was a good decision. Bruce says that it is okay and decides to help out. He goes to Langstrom's neice's house and talks to her. He finds out that the neice is really not deaf. Bruce decides to investigate Langstrom's labs. He finds the research and a journal keeping track of Batman. Langstrom comes in and talks to him. He says he wants to be like Batman. Langstrom then drinks a serum which changes him into Man-Bat.

Man-Bat attacks Bruce. He chases Bruce around the lab. Bruce is finally able to lock Man-Bat in the freezer chamber, however, Man-Bat escapes through the ceiling. Bruce calls the Batmobile. When he gets outside, he finds the two detectives waiting for him. They want to search Langstrom's lab because they think he is Batman. Before they go in, Yin gets a call that a bat appeared in city. The detectives leave, thinking it's Batman.



Bruce calls Alfred and asks if there were any strange occurances. Alfred said there were some at the zoo. As Batman heads there, he runs into Man-Bat. They fight for a little while until they get into an alley. Man-Bat changes back into Langstrom. Right afterwards the detectives show up. Langstrom runs off and Batman throws them off the trail. Yin is able to stop Langstrom and handcuffs him. Batman comes and Yin realizes that Langstrom isn't Batman. Langstrom changes back into Man-Bat. He grabs Bennett and flys off. Batman puts a tracer on Man-Bat.



Batman calls Alfred and asks him to prepare a few things. Later on, Batman continues to follow Man-Bat. At first he can't find him, but then realizes that he is in the sewers. In the sewers, Man-Bat senses Batman approaching and hides. When Batman finds Bennett, he frees him. Then Man-Bat attacks him from behind. Batman uses the Bat-Glider to fly through the sewers. As Man-Bat follows, several pipes are broken, causing water to begin to flood. Batman uses a device that creates sounds to confuse Man-Bat. He then destroys more pipes that causes a flood in the sewers. Man-Bat is swept away. He is found by the detectives in his human form.

Later, at Wayne Industries, the detectives want all of Langstrom's research. Only they find the lab empty. They then leave. At Arkham, Man-bat is writing formulas on the wall, laughing hysterically to himself.